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  • WET wOw Gentle
Especially for HER! WoW WET® This giving your erogenous zone a pleasant and good feeling during the lovegame. The Nuru massage can start good.


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WET wOw Gentle O Clitoral

Exhilarate your sex life with this tingling clitoral arousal gel. This menthol-infused gel awakens your desire with sensual tingling when applied on the clitoris and labia. Arouse your senses with a pleasure-enhancing orgasm gel.

Apply a dab of this paraben and hormone-free orgasm gel to your clitoris and labia 5 minutes before sex. Enjoy tingling sensations as the menthol starts to work, increasing sensitivity and arousal.

Enjoy 25 - 45 minutes of increased arousal during foreplay, sex or solo fun with the Wow Gentle Arousal Gel. The water and silicone blend is slick and easy to apply. The pH balanced formula won't irritate your skin and can be reapplied as desired.

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