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  • WET Nuru Massagegel
  • WET Nuru Massagegel
WET Nuru Massage Gel WET® from the USA. A Nuru gel with a little extra. Rather a neutral Nuru gel? Then choose NoriX Classic or Premium Nuru Gel.


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WET® Nuru Concentrate Massage gel in a convenient spray bottle

The Nuru Concentrate massage gel from our colleague from the USA is specially designed for a wonderful sensual body to body massage with your partner. The gel is thin, concentrated and easy to spread out. It also feels nice and soft on your skin and prevents chafing. You can heat up this gel in advance by placing the bottle in hot water. For the best results, use the massage gel immediately after showering, but this applies to all Nuru Gels because they are water-based. This gel contains delicious extra additions unlike NoriX Nuru massage gel from Nuru Nederland. Like Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Grape and Flower extract. The WET Nuru gel is also taste-and odourless and very smooth.

NoriX Nuru gel if you prefer more neutral

Norix is made in the Netherlands and is a lovely, smooth Nuru gel and it is available in two grades. Thus we have the Classic Nuru gel that is ideal for a massage with your partner. Rather have a better and longer massage with your partner? The Premium version is the best choice for you! The Nuru premium is an extremely thick Nuru gel which lasts extra long due to the thickness of the gel. The NoriX Nuru gel has a friendly price tag. Need more information about NoriX from Nuru Nederland? Look [here]

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