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Nuru Gel Powder RAW 5gram



The Nuru Massage powder 5gram is a fantastic massage gel that provides an unprecedented sensual feeling while massaging. Discover this gel now!

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Nuru Pleasure Powder 15 Gram



The Norix powder RAW 2.5 gram make it possible to make 8.45oz own nuru massage gel. The gel is also perfect for use as a lubricant. Put the Nuru RAW in your shopping basket

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Nuru gel classic 1000ml



With the Nuru gel classic 1000 ml you are purchasing a massage gel that realises a lot of extra sensuality for you and your partner. Now with free Nuru Pleasure

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Nuru gel classic 200ml (price is per bottle)


The Nuru gel 200ml classic is a gel that is sold in a compact package and is ideal for your first Nuru Massage. Deliciously smooth and sensual. Buy 2 and get 3!

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Budget sheet in four colors


Have some fun with Oil or Nuru Gel? Dare to enjoy each other and let you go on this bedsheet that fits around your mattress with the size 200 x 220 cm.

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