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  • Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland NURU Pleasue Powder 3 x 5 gram for 1.500 ml Nuru Pleasure
The Norix powder RAW 2.5 gram make it possible to make 8.45oz own nuru massage gel. The gel is also perfect for use as a lubricant. Put the Nuru RAW in your shopping basket


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Brand: Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland

Nuru massage powder RAW 2.5gram for many exciting moments

When you are sitting a nice evening on the couch with your partner
maybe your mind wanders quickly for something exciting and sensual.
The body of your partner looks again to steal. By purchasing of one of the Nuru massage powder from the range here at Nuru Netherlands you make sure that you in no time can make a massage gel that is not only warm and playful, but moreover it will make your body feel much softer. In this way, that one massage will be so much more intense and who knows what will bring the rest of the evening!

The advantages of the NoriX Massage Powder RAW

Choose to purchase the NoriX RAW here at Nuru Netherlands ensures that you can count on several interesting advantages. Initially, of course you dispose of a massage gel that is a real virtue for the skin for the best price. In addition, this massage gel is very easy and, moreover, very quick to make ready for use.
As with the other products Nuru is the case, it is also, of course, completely odor and tasteless. Moreover, the Nuru Gel can by opting for warm or hot water, be prepared at your preferred temperature. Would you also can enjoy the unique advantages of the Norix Raw?Do not hesitate not a moment longer and order them here at Nuru Netherlands today!

How do you proceed to make this fantastic Nuru Gel?

In this example, we assume that you are going to make 500 ml Classic Nuru Gel. For more tips and tricks please read on for more possibilities with this Nuru powder Gel! Fill for example a spacious glass bowl with 500 ml of warm to hot water. Shake the jar with the powder firm before opening to make sure that the powder is loose.

Begin stirring quietly with a wooden or plastic spoon (no metal) and add the 5 grams Nuru powder 5 grams fairly quickly to the hot water while stirring for about 2 minutes. Be sure that the Nuru powder is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the water and empty the jar RAW not at once!! Again add the powder fairly rapidly and do not wait until the gel has become thicker, this in order to prevent small lumps.

If you have done the above wait for 15 minutes. Let the Nuru Gel RAW do its job. You can already take a hot shower in order to get in the mood ;-) After 15 minutes the Nuru Gel is clear and ready to use and you can start enjoying a delicious Nuru Massage and you will thereby experience beautiful intimate moments with your partner. The Nuru RAW works the same as the ready-made Nuru Gel and works the best on a wet body and a slippery surface.

See the YouTube video we made for you! Here we make step by step the Nuru Gel RAW. We do this with the 5 gram jar RAW and 500 ml of hot water.

Nuru Tips and Tricks with this Nuru "RAW" powder

2.5 grams and 250 ml water = 250 ml Classic Nuru Gel
5 grams and 250 ml water = 250 ml extra thick Premium Gel  
5 grams and 500 ml water = 500 ml Nuru Gel, similar to two bottles of 250 ml of Classic Nuru Gel
TIP! This Nuru Gel as powder is also ideal for when you are going on vacation! Very much Nuru Gel in a small jar! Bring a plastic sheet to cover your hotel bed and experience the Nuru Massage time and time again! SUCCESS GUARANTEED!!
Ready made: No. RAW should be reconstituted with water
To be diluted with water: Mix on our advice, then add no more water. Learn how to purchase this product works.
Contain: RAW is available in 2.5 gram and 5 gram jars
Natural additions to the product: No. NURU RAW has no additional additives such as Aloë Vera and Grapefruit
Durability: We recommend one week after creation
Skin friendly & Hydrating: Nuru is made from deep seaweed as the main ingredient
waterbase: Yes. RAW should be prepared with warm or hot water from own tap
Extremely smooth: Yes. RAW Nuru gel gives an extra dimension to the Massage
Tasteless and odorless: Yes. You can extend your massage with oral contact, if desired
Transparent: Yes. The gel gives a nice soft sheen on the skin
Toy friendly: Yes. Nuru RAW does not attack toys and rubbers
Lube: Yes. For both vaginal and anal intercourse
For him and her: Of course. Experience the massage alone or with your partner, you will be amazed by this product.
Great for the: Body2Body, Lingam and Yoni massage
Country of origin: NoriX RAW is produced in the Netherlands according to the EU cosmetic requirements.
Instructions: With this product you will receive a free guide how it is to be created
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