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  • Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland Nuru Gel Premium 250ml
The Nuru Premium 250ml Gel is a unique massage gel that offers an extreme smoothness. Discover this special massage gel at Nuru Netherlands.


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Brand: Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland

Nuru Premium gel 250 ml for extreme smoothness

The Nuru Premium gel 250 ml distinguishes itself in several areas from other massage gels that can be found on the market. A difference, among other things, is the fact that the nuru gel is characterized by an extreme smoothness that provides for a very seductive sensation. The intimacy between the two partners will be significantly increased by using this gel and, in addition, provides a delightful, soothing sensation. Would you like to surprise your partner with an erotic massage and are you looking for a surprising and stimulating massage gel? Look no further and choose to purchase this magical massage gel today, here at Nuru Nederland!

Mix with water or use in the bathtub or shower

It is recommended to mix 250ml The Nuru Premium gel with a little water.This way it’s better concentrated so you can get the most out of this unique gel. Of course you can also choose to use the gel in the bathtub or shower. Then you can apply the g el directly from the bottle onto the body, so that both you and your partner can enjoy a nice, playful massage in the water. We are convinced that this is the perfect foreplay for a wonderful, intimate evening among the two of you. Furthermore this magical Nuru gel is made of the highest quality ingredients and includes the powerful, hydrating and detoxifying Nori seaweed. So using this gel is also an absolute benefit for your skin.

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