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  • Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland Nuru erotic massage oil 1000ml
  • Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland Nuru erotic massage oil 1000ml
The Nuru erotic massage oil 1000 ml is available in a bottle with nozzle, ensuring that the massage oil can be applied to the body in doses.


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Brand: Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland

Nuru erotic massage oil 1000ml for sensual fun

Are you looking for a massage oil to enjoy a lovely erotic massage with, problem-free? In that case it is absolutely recommended to purchase the erotic massage oil 1000 ml by Nuru Netherlands. This massage oil is available in a bottle fitted with a convenient nozzle, which lets the oil be dosed perfectly on the body. By choosing this massage oil you obtain a real professional oil that is not only suited for intensive caring, but which can also be used sportively and erotically. Surprising your partner with an intense, erotic massage was never easier than with the Nuru erotic massage oil! Do not hesitate any longer, order your bottle today and let yourself be convinced by the unique properties which this lovely stimulating oil possesses.

Experience unforgettable, sensual moments.

When you choose to purchase your erotic massage oil 1000 ml here, from Nuru Netherlands, you choose for a large number of unforgettable, sensual moments. You can choose to experience these moments by yourself or together with your partner. In either case, the erotic massage oil by Nuru is not only very comfortable to use, it is also odourless and tasteless. Add that to the fact that the skin feels lovely and smooth after a single use and you immediately have multiple great reasons to choose to buy this lovely, intense massage oil by Nuru Netherlands!

Note! on NoriX Massage Oil

The NoriX massage oil is a professional oil which is often used in massage parlors in the Netherlands and Belgium. The NoriX oil is NOT comparable with the super smooth Nuru Massage Gels. The Nuru Massage is a completely different shape and perception of a Body2Body Massage! Do The Nuru Massage ones i a liftime. You also have with us the possibility to buy the extremely slippery Nuru gels

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5 stars based on 2 reviews
walter 26-08-2016 17:55

Na een super ervaring met Nuru massage geef ik dit product 5 sterren ik heb het weer besteld echt super lekker

Michel 31-05-2015 13:50

Na een prettige ervaring met de Nuru gel nu maar eens de Nuru olie geprobeerd. Hier voor een hoop verschillende gehad maar vergeleken bij deze olie was het allemaal troep. Deze olie is zeker een blijvertje in het nachtkastje! En nog bedankt voor de snelle service!