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  • Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland Nuru Gel Premium 1000ml
Large Package NoriX Nuru Gel Premium! A thicker massage gel for endless fun with your partner. Order it today!


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Brand: Nuru Massage Gels van Nuru Nederland

Nuru Premium gel 1000 ml, a truly magical feeling<

It goes without saying that you like to surprise your partner on a regular basis. You can do this by purchasing a gift, but it's much more fun to just experience something delightfully erotic together. The Nuru Premium gel 1000ml which is available here at Nuru Nederland is a lovely playful ,thick, water-based gel that will help to push your erotic boundaries. This gel is in any case made from the highest quality ingredients, making it not only achieve a wonderful feeling during the massage, but it‘s also very good for the skin. Are you looking for a nice playful massage gel? Look no further and purchase this unique massage gel here at Nuru Nederland!

Order the Nuru Premium gel 1000ml now at home!

Are you thinking about spoiling your partner this weekend? Are you for example playing with the idea to give him or her a relaxing yet exciting erotic massage? In that case this unique Nuru massage gel should not be missing on your nightstand. This gel has a very smooth texture which provides that the body can be massaged in a very intense way. This creates an unique and yet a tad playful sense of pleasure that is unmatchable. Even when you are planning to surprise your partner in the bathtub or shower this massage gel will create an interesting surplus experience. By purchasing the 1000 ml version you can furthermore count on the best possible price per liter of this sublime thick massage gel!

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