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Nicely priced Nuru gel for home use

When you are looking for a unique massage gel that is not only delicious in use, but in addition can be brought home at a very friendly price, it is definitely worthwhile to choose and discover the Nuru gel. The Nuru Gel is a unique massage gel that has considerable fame and popularity. This gel is ideal for use during a naughty solo moment, but also with your partner this gel will undoubtedly cause a lot of nice naughty evenings. Do you want to know more? Read on and find out why you would be well advised to take the Nuru Nuru gel at home here from Nuru Netherlands!

Classic and Premium Nuru gel

The Nuru gel is available in two different forms. We distinguish the premium gel from the gel classic. Both gels are also available in different packages.Thats why there is a package for everyone. Note that, the larger the package, the lower the price per liter classic or premium Nuru Gel will be. Anyway for which of the various Nuru Gels from our range you will choose, you will find always a Nuru Gel that suits you needs and that will meets all your erotic desires.

To be used alone or together with your partner

The Nuru Gel is a unique water-based gel that can be diluted well with water.
The gel feels great in your hand and feels nice and smooth on your body for a optimizes erotic stimulus. Note that if you choose to purchase the premium Nuru gel, you have a gel with a much thicker texture. In order to dilute this you will therefore have to use a more warm or hot water. Try this with a little water first or with a little more, it's personal for everyone. You may use in fact de gel directly from the bottle if you it find enjoyable. Anyway whether you're looking for a massage gel to use alone or with your partner, the unique moments will be there for everyone thanks to Nuru Nederland.


Order the Nuru Gel now at the best price

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Nuru gel classic 200ml (price is per bottle)


The Nuru gel 200ml classic is a gel that is sold in a compact package and is ideal for your first Nuru Massage. Deliciously smooth and sensual. Buy 2 and get 3!

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Nuru gel classic 300ml (price is per bottle)


With the Nuru Classic 300ml you just have that little Gel extra to complete your Massage with your partner. Action: Buy 2 and get the Nuru Pleasure! FREE!

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On sale
Nuru gel classic 1000ml



With the Nuru gel classic 1000 ml you are purchasing a massage gel that realises a lot of extra sensuality for you and your partner. Now with free Nuru Pleasure

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Nuru Gel Powder RAW 5gram



The Nuru Massage powder 5gram is a fantastic massage gel that provides an unprecedented sensual feeling while massaging. Discover this gel now!

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Nuru Pleasure Powder 15 Gram



The Norix powder RAW 2.5 gram make it possible to make 8.45oz own nuru massage gel. The gel is also perfect for use as a lubricant. Put the Nuru RAW in your shopping basket

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Winter Nuru ACTION



Winter Action at Nuru4u. With this delicious Nuru Massage gel package, your Winter starts well. Lots of massage products for little money! Order now.

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Nuru Gel Premium 1000ml


Large Package NoriX Nuru Gel Premium! A thicker massage gel for endless fun with your partner. Order it today!

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Nuru Gel Premium 250ml


The Nuru Premium 250ml Gel is a unique massage gel that offers an extreme smoothness. Discover this special massage gel at Nuru Netherlands.

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Nuru Gel Premium 450ml


The Nuru Premium Gel 450ml is a lovely, smooth massage gel that you can buy whit a very attractive price. Discover them now!

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Nuru Bowl stainless steel


A beautiful stainless steel bowl that also longer hold the heat of the Nuru gel. Please complete Nuru time and order this dish with it directly. TIP! The Platinum gels may be mixed with more water, making this scale the ideal combination.

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The Octo Pleaser


The Massage Octopus is a nice addition during the Euro or oil massage. Enjoy this toy and order him along right away.

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Vibrating Octo Pleaser


Besides the success of the manual Octo Pleaser, the Vibrating Pleaser! Enjoy the 8 extra fingers over your body going. It's a great feeling!

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