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The Nuru Gel Classic, Classic Massage Gel

Many people are looking for an opportunity to the thrilling, erotic moments that they experience alone or with their partner to lift to a higher level. There are several options, including use of the highly popular Classic erotic Nuru gel. This Classic massage gel has a fine texture and is manufactured based on water. By making use of water, it is therefore possible without any problems to dilute the gel, if you wish. Are you still looking for a stimulating, high quality and additionally inexpensive massage gel? Do not hesitate any longer and quickly discover the unique advantages of the Nuru gel Classic here by Nuru Netherlands!

Lift your love live to the next level!

By making use of these classic massage gel of Nuru you will choose a natural gel in which the skin will be able to absorb the minerals in an optimum manner. This way significantly improves the vitality of the skin so they are not only flexible, but also feels nice and soft. Only after once having used this gel you will notice that the skin feels super smooth creating a very intense and sensual experience. This sounds to you like music to your ears? Do not hesitate any longer and make quick acquaintance with the unique stimulus that can be realized by Nuru Gel Classic!

Buy Nuru Gel Classic today and experience it in your private situation.

Classic Nuru Gel is a unique massage gel from Japan. It is a natural product which is composed of the ingredients seaweed and water. In this manner a gel is originated which not only means an added value for the skin, moreover the massage gel feels very playful, what not just for you, but also to your partner will be a great addition. When you choose to take the Nuru gel classic at home, you choose not only for qualitative but also a competitively priced gel that has no equal in the market. Doubt therefore not a moment longer and order Nuru Gel Classic here at Nuru Netherlands today!

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Nuru gel classic 200ml (price is per bottle)


The Nuru gel 200ml classic is a gel that is sold in a compact package and is ideal for your first Nuru Massage. Deliciously smooth and sensual. Buy 2 and get 3!

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Nuru gel classic 300ml (price is per bottle)


With the Nuru Classic 300ml you just have that little Gel extra to complete your Massage with your partner. Action: Buy 2 and get the Nuru Pleasure! FREE!

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On sale
Nuru gel classic 1000ml



With the Nuru gel classic 1000 ml you are purchasing a massage gel that realises a lot of extra sensuality for you and your partner. Now with free Nuru Pleasure

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Winter Nuru ACTION



Winter Action at Nuru4u. With this delicious Nuru Massage gel package, your Winter starts well. Lots of massage products for little money! Order now.

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Nuru Bowl stainless steel


A beautiful stainless steel bowl that also longer hold the heat of the Nuru gel. Please complete Nuru time and order this dish with it directly. TIP! The Platinum gels may be mixed with more water, making this scale the ideal combination.

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The Octo Pleaser


The Massage Octopus is a nice addition during the Euro or oil massage. Enjoy this toy and order him along right away.

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Vibrating Octo Pleaser


Besides the success of the manual Octo Pleaser, the Vibrating Pleaser! Enjoy the 8 extra fingers over your body going. It's a great feeling!

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Nuru Massage Bowl


The unique and only authentic Nuru massage bowl is made Vietnam from Food Grade Real Bamboo wood. The wide bowl (25 cm) is very convenient to use and suitable to contain large amounts of Nuru massage gel. Handy are also the two unique handles for ea

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