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Enjoy the ultimate massage experience on a Nuru Airbed

A Nuru Massage on this custom made air mattress is a real feast.
The Nuru massage gel guarantee an exciting play between you and your partner. You will notice that you can leave all your inhibitions
while using this unique Nuru massage gels from Nuru Netherlands

Only the best heavy duty PVC

The Nuru Gel Air Mattress is made of high quality PVC. It is specially designed for heavy loads. It has also been tested with more than 400 kilograms of sandbags! So two or more people can enjoy themselves perfect on the Air Mattress of Nuru Netherlands. This airbed you may be familiar with from the many (Porn)Nuru Massage movies which you can easily found via Google on the Internet, is specially made for us
in China. The air mattress is of a very high quality and not comparable to an air mattress that you can buy elsewhere. It is also ideal for your children on holiday!

How does a Nuru massage works on an Nuru Air Mattress

The surface of the Nuru Air Mattress is smooth on both sides, does not have a fabric as a surface, perfect for slipping comfortably with your partner. The structure feels very good when used in combination with our extremely smooth Nuru Gels. You will get with this air mattress
the ultimate Nuru experience out of Nuru Gel, which is promised. The Nuru airbed is very comfortable and because the foot and head end higher as the lying part, you will not slide easy from the airbed.


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Vinyl Sheet Inflatable


You love a delicious smooth massage which all Nuru Gel neatly in place? This mattress is the solution for all your wet games! Now you can enjoy most of the Nuru Massage.

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Nuru Bowl stainless steel


A beautiful stainless steel bowl that also longer hold the heat of the Nuru gel. Please complete Nuru time and order this dish with it directly. TIP! The Platinum gels may be mixed with more water, making this scale the ideal combination.

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