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  • Fifty Shades of Grey Massage Candle
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Massage Candle
Surprise your partner with this luxurious massage candle of Fifty Shades. A fragrant candle that also can be used for a one not to forget massage with your partner.


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Light your Fifty Shades of Grey candle to fill the air with Christian Grey's intoxicating scent and set the scene for a night of sensual caresses. Enriched with coconut oil and jojoba, Massage Me can be used as both an aromatic candle or a massage oil.

"Christian lifts me, carries me over to the bed, and lays me down on the cool satin sheets. After a moment, his hands, still oiled, gently rub the backs of my thights, my knees, my calves and my shoulders."

Rich, indulgent and moisturising, it leaves your skin feeling nourished and smelling delicious. Treat your lover to an erotic massage with the warm, melted wax by gently spooning it onto their skin and massaging it in with your hands.

Immerse yourself in the moment and have your very own Christian and Ana experience.

Key Features:
• Fifty Shades of Grey scented massage candle
• Enriched with coconut oil and jojoba to moisturise your skin
• Melt the wax and gently spoon it onto your lover's skin as part of an erotic massage
• Leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft and nourished
• Infused with Christian's delicious scent

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