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Wonderful massage gel you buy from Nuru Netherlands

Nuru massage gel is a wonderful product which is not only suitable for intimate moments together, but also for a solely experience. Nuru Netherlands have a range of three different brands of massage gels who all have unique properties as well as the best quality.

NoriX Nuru massage gel

The NoriX nuru gel is available in two several variations. We distinguish the “Premium” Gel “Classic” Gel. Both gels are available in different packages. The Nuru Classic gel is a standard gel that mix well with some water. The Nuru Premium gel is a nice thick and high quality Nuru gel which can be mixed with more water than the Nuru Classic gel. This gel will retain the smooth effect for a longer period of time because of its thickness. The Norix Nuru Gels are entirely water-based, odorless and tasteless and very suitable for various types of massage. This includes the Body2Body, Lingam and Yoni massage.

Discover the unique massage oil Nuru Netherlands

A lot of people love to pamper their partner or simply themselves from time to time and have a nice massage. We have a nice massage oil available in different contents. Our massage oil ensures not only that a massage never was so intense and so exciting. In addition, they can also be used perfectly during lovemaking. On the other hand our massage oil also provides the perfect solution for sports men which, for example, suffer with their muscles. The massage oil from Nuru Netherlands is very versatile, and not only of high quality, but also odorless and tasteless.

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On sale
Nuru Gel Powder RAW 5gram



The Nuru Massage powder 5gram is a fantastic massage gel that provides an unprecedented sensual feeling while massaging. Discover this gel now!

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On sale
Nuru Pleasure Powder 15 Gram



The Norix powder RAW 2.5 gram make it possible to make 8.45oz own nuru massage gel. The gel is also perfect for use as a lubricant. Put the Nuru RAW in your shopping basket

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Nuru Gel Premium 1000ml


Large Package NoriX Nuru Gel Premium! A thicker massage gel for endless fun with your partner. Order it today!

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Nuru Gel Premium 450ml


The Nuru Premium Gel 450ml is a lovely, smooth massage gel that you can buy whit a very attractive price. Discover them now!

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Nuru Gel Premium 250ml


The Nuru Premium 250ml Gel is a unique massage gel that offers an extreme smoothness. Discover this special massage gel at Nuru Netherlands.

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Nuru gel classic 1000ml



With the Nuru gel classic 1000 ml you are purchasing a massage gel that realises a lot of extra sensuality for you and your partner. Now with free Nuru Pleasure

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Nuru gel classic 300ml (price is per bottle)


With the Nuru Classic 300ml you just have that little Gel extra to complete your Massage with your partner. Action: Buy 2 and get the Nuru Pleasure! FREE!

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Nuru gel classic 200ml (price is per bottle)


The Nuru gel 200ml classic is a gel that is sold in a compact package and is ideal for your first Nuru Massage. Deliciously smooth and sensual. Buy 2 and get 3!

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Nuru erotic massage oil 1000ml


The Nuru erotic massage oil 1000 ml is available in a bottle with nozzle, ensuring that the massage oil can be applied to the body in doses.

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Nuru erotic massage oil 500ml


The Nuru erotic massage oil 500 ml ensures that you and your partner can enjoy the utmost sensual feeling during an erotic massage.

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Nuru erotic massage oil 250ml


Are you looking for a sensual massage oil that is both odourless and tasteless? In that case, the erotic massage oil 250 ml may be the thing for you!

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