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  • Who is behind this smooth gift? Keep it exciting!
  • Who is behind this smooth gift? Keep it exciting!
Exciting if you want to surprise someone? By default, your order is already in a blank box! But if you choose for this "free" option then we will not add to your order form. Handy if you want to send the order to a different address.


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Article number: Geen afzender in de doos
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We ship our orders already very discrete in a blank box to our clients.
But things can always more enjoyable and exciting we believe and our customers.

Since a short time we will offer you the option to to use a different shipping address. This includes no identifiable sender, You!

You decide the time to make this known to your "silent" love. Let your imagination run free and decide for yourself when you submit you do feel like having a nice smooth massage.

You can also, at low cost, use our packing service, this to make it complete!

How to proceed:
Choose when completing your order the option "send to a different address” in conjunction with this option "send anonymous” We will ensure that you will not be recognizable as the sender. We put no packing slip or invoice in the shipping box! Therefore completely anonymous! You are also free to send these "anonymous" order to your home address without data!

Obviously only you remain up to date with the track and trace code from your order! Good luck and have fun with your plan!

5 stars based on 1 reviews
Loes 08-06-2015 19:38

Dit was een geslaagd plan! Leuk dat jullie zo meedenken met een klant.

Bedankt Nuru4u